Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TCS World 10k - Another feather for your hat!

There are a number of reasons why you put yourselves in a position to undertake a challenge like the Bengaluru TCS World Run, these must be towards the top of the list:
  1. A challenge for 2013
  2. To get fit or fitter
  3. To improve on past performances
  4. For a cause close to your heart
The common theme is improvement; be it personal or atruistic.  It is hard to find any negative arising from taking on this kind of challenge, and this is pretty cool, and let's not be shy in revelling in this glorious fact.

Our young team at Grallo is undertaking our own challenge: We want to change the way event transport is organised; making if more fun, more green and oh so easy. Grallo are offering a low carbon impact transport service using car pooling, taxi sharing and buses that should have numerous positives for everyone attending this event and hopefully other events to come, below I take a look what we believe we can do for you:
  1. A perfect pre & post run warm up: our bus service may be slightly inconvenient for you (if it's not on your doorstep) but it offers the perfect opportunity for a warm up and a warm down. Jog to the bus and jog home to let those tired muscles heal. This way you get a great way to travel and the perfect pre and post run preparation. 
  2. An Ideal way of meeting new people: Bengaluru is stacked full of groups that run, this blogger has been luckily enough to run with the BHUKMP (don't ask me what it stands for!)  Running is no chore, meet the BHUKMP guys and girls and you will find this out for yourself, their enthusiasm is contagious. Running is SO much easier with some friends, so meet some like minded people using Grallo's social transport options, trust me, you'll get a better race time and some running buddies too.
  3. Making Bengaluru Green: by offering transport options where you can share, Grallo is aiming to reduce the number of cars on the road, and the amount of pollution emitted, this enhances the immediate air quality and limits the negative impacts of emissions on the global climate.  We're aiming to reduce the carbon emitted by a quarter of ton for the TCS World Run.
So help us help you, do something different, and add another feather to your brimming cap: list your car to share, join a car pool, create a taxi share or ride one of our buses. Giving you what we hope will be another couple of good reasons for you to feel SUPER by the end of race day.

Share your own reason for undertaking the TCS World Run on our Facebook page, or tell us if you are feeling feathery too!


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