Friday, November 15, 2013

Transport woes adding to climate changes

As pollution levels rise, India is in grave danger. The number of vehicles on the road increases month by month, day by day, and subsequently pollution levels are rising dramatically above safe limits. Time is running out to rectify the damage done by mankind. Writes Mangesh Ashrit of Grallo.

A news report in Zee News states the area & the ground near Victoria Memorial in Kolkata has become unsafe for morning joggers & walkers. The report says the average Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) level from 4 AM to 8 AM is 227 mg/m3 whereas the limit is 100 mg/m3. Around 1000 vehicles pass by that area every hour. This is one example of many that could be cited in India and other cities around the world.

The recent disaster in Philippines, “Typhoon Haiyan”, is the jewel in the crown of this year’s extraordinary typhoon calendar, and experts have cited climate change as a cause. Typhoon Haiyan hit at a speed of 230 Km/H for about 10 minutes and went up to 315 Km/H for a about a minute. The preliminary stats on damage caused $858.6 million & 2,300 are reporded dead with the number set to rise.

While the science of the effects of transport pollution on our weather systems are immensely complex few dispute that green house gas emissions has speeded up climatic change. The SPM levels are conclusive, they are bad for your health and reduce your quality of life and quality of the surrounds of where you live and work.

One way to reduce your carbon emissions in our daily lives is reducing the amount we use private vehicles. Sharing your journey to the office instead of taking an individual vehicle, is a great way to cut down on personal emissions. Here is an article on some folks at Kanakapura in Bangalore, India who are already carpooling to their offices.  

At Grallo we believe in trying to improve the worlds environment, and we believe that society will benefit from being more closely connected. In sharing journeys you can do all of that and more. Every little helps, so try to do your bit for today.

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