Sunday, December 8, 2013

India DOES carpooling, its only unaware of it

Its 9 o'clock in the evening and I wait at the Indiranagar bus stop hoping that the bus will arrive. Hoping is the integral word here, as there’s no certainty that my bus will arrive.

As I wait, a car stops by near the bus stop. Some people enquire the route the car is going to take & climb on. The car moves on & one word slips in my mind, “carpool”.

This type of informal carpooling happens regularly, and especially during the evening hours. Not only cars, but many private shuttles also practise this & they do it with the objective of earning some extra bucks. The drivers & passengers might not be aware of the terminology, but they do practice carpooling. This is one of the reasons why I feel carpool will work out in India. Its just that people have to be made more aware of & make them believe carpool is efficient & safe, which of course is the toughest part.

The concept of carpooling can be implemented easily in housing colonies & corporate companies. Incentives should be used to promote the concept, the benefits highlighted and the simplicity explained. If this is all done well, there is no reason why it should not be a “hit” in India, (as I mentioned it already is). Moreover, if undertaken at a housing colony or corporate, the main concern “safety” can be overcome, due to the proximity of the sharer, and the necessary background checks having already taken place to get people into these communities.

Carpooling is a newer concept but as described above a lot many people, unknowingly, are practicing it. We all know the various benefits associated with carpool. Its only a matter of initiative & awareness which is required for it to really get going in earnest, and save us all those boring minutes waiting for a bus, or sitting in a yet another traffic jam.


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