Thursday, December 19, 2013

Live the future today

Monday morning. After having a long conversation with myself, I finally manage to drag myself out of the bed.
Why the hell I am even doing this ?? This question kept ringing in my ears louder than the sound of my throbbing head. Twenty minutes down the lane, running late for the fest that I couldn't wait for, contemplating ways to make my money stretch just a little further.

The holiday I always wanted to go on, the GPU I had a crush on, a pet T-rex maybe: was there anyway I could do any of these without having to sell both my kidneys?
Then it hit me, like a high five... on my face... with a baseball bat.
What if I picked someone up on the way and made a few bucks out of it? Plus that would be better for the environment!

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Share your journeys, meet some new people, pick up a little local lingo and maybe, maybe even meet someone special.

Here at Grallo, that's what we do, and we are well on our way to make a difference. Still have questions? I bet you do. Hit up the link, and live the future today.

- Swaraj Giri

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