Saturday, December 14, 2013

Travel Singularity

"Screw this."

Q stormed out of office, fumbling for his bike keys on the way down the stairs, two steps at a time. The Friday evening dusk caught him off-guard: the day had gone by rather quickly.


He'd had enough. He plugged in his earphones and shut everything else out. He'd been listening to atmospheric metal of late and found it a great substitute for white-noise, for when he didn't want to think of anything in particular - just what he needed. He pedaled his way home, cadence in sync with the music.

"I need to get away."

At home, he fired up his mammoth desktop and settled comfortably into the hardwood chair in his rented room. A friend had told him about this travel website, not the typical run-of-the-mill ones you encounter otherwise, this was different he'd been told. He directed his browser to

What opened was a huge map: no menu, no links, no text

"Okay.. What do I do with this? Oh.."

The map had suddenly come live. Q saw on his 24-inch screen a myriad of dots and colorful, squiggly lines  showing people travelling in real-time. A bunch of people were on their way to Pondicherry on a bus, a lone traveler was battling the way to Ladakh on his bike. Groups of people were making plans for Christmas and the New Year. A large number of people were heading for the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Kolkata, others buying bus tickets for the Sunburn festival. Q saw people were sharing their journeys with friends and strangers, all in in one place.

It was surreal - he'd suddenly been granted access to a very exclusive voyager network. It seemed like a whole new world from where he sat, on his uncomfortable chair, after a bad day at office and a few monotonous months at life..

"How do I get in? I need in on this..."

In a corner of this magical window he saw words that made his heart race: “Start a journey with someone today.”

Coming soon from Grallo.

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