Monday, January 20, 2014

Good Collisions: The Future of Travel Entertainment

When one generally reflects upon collisions and transportation, one cannot help but think negatively. After all, it is generally advisable to avoid collisions while in transport. But this blog is about positive collisions. It’s a blog about the future of transportation entertainment. A blog about collisions between transportation and technology. (Unless of course you begin thinking about that Kaiju, from Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim, or the other even more bizarre fantasy, the Jaegers. In which case the entertainment starts to look decidedly scary.


Moving on from fantastical movies we reflect upon transportation and entertainment. Gone are the days of "I spy with my little eye", "Animal. Vegetable. Mineral", or the other games, more sophisticated families played involving long words and numbers. Personal devices like walkmans started encroaching on these games long ago and now we are at a tipping point.

We now live in a world of tablets, wifi, virtual clouds, apps, or even "I beacons". Mobile technology advancements mean that you are not only more connected to the online world while you travel, but also to your favourite entertainment. And you can share that entertainment as you travel. Safety, communication, and personal entertainment are all enhanced in one foul swoop. “I Spy” is once and for all banished from the journey. We are now at a time when we can bring enhanced entertainment to the journey. Like a "Pacific Rim", god forbid, or your favourite Spotify playlist..

So with a car and a tablet: the tablet connects to the sound system, the TV. The phone syncs with the tablet and entertainment is seamlessly shared, no cables. Gone are the days of forgetting aux cables, here are the days of seamless integration.
One more thought before I lose my tentative grasp on your waning attention span. Let’s take the example of a taxi: connect your smart phone, play your tunes through our taxi's system, download your journey to the sat nav, import location of the friend you're picking, pass and pick up some opportunistic guy going in the same direction (use an I beacon for that), then pay on your handset (no more running around for an ATM), split the fare with your fellow socialist sharing compatriots and, all the while, fight about whose playlist you are going to play. Though we’re past the days of "I spy with my little eye", there's still a fight. Unless, of course, you connect your Sonos and play separate tunes from separate speakers, you might need a sound wall.... I'm gettiing back into Kaiju territory here....but the point remains: Technology is colliding with transport and there's some exciting journeys to be had.

- Tom Ansell

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